Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One True Media

I just discovered a fun and exciting way to advertise.
One True Media allows you to create a video. It is so incredibly easy. And you can do this for free, OR upgrade for 4 bucks a month (39.99 for the year) to get extra features. You click on photo's from your computer and upload them.

Then you get to play around with the layout, transitions and effects. If you have ever created a PowerPoint Slide show then this will be extremely easy. You create the transitions like in a PowerPoint presentation.

You can upload music to go with your video, and it looks really professional.
Then you share the video with MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, via e-mail, you can even create your OWN Tivo channel to share with others :)

It is really exciting.
Please check out my first video to see first hand the quality. You can even buy a professional DVD.

I would love to know what others think. I look forward to your comments.