Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PFT Gifts and Purchases

So the Promotional Frenzy Team did Secret Santa's this past holiday season and I wanted to share with everyone what I received as a gift!

Symbolic Imports sent me this really nice wood soap tray/dish, and perfume oil!  The clean cotton smell is really nice!  I LOVE the smell of dryer sheets and things similar so this was just perfect for me!
If you haven't shopped through her shop before you should really take a moment to check it out!

Then last week I decided to make a purchase from a teammate.  I do quite a few craft shows each year, and like to display my business cards.  I have gone out of my way to try to make my business cards unique and stand out.  So I wanted a display that would also stand out.  So, I splurged on this!

Isn't it beautiful?  You can find this beautiful shop here:

She makes amazing pieces from fused glass!  Wine stoppers, to these business card holders, just stunning pieces of work!

Thanks PFT for such amazing gifts, and products!!  Now I will smell good, while making a statement at my shows :)

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