Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swarovski Ring Contest Winners!!!

So if you missed it I had a Treasure Hunt Giveaway of one of my Swarovski Rings in my shop!

Here is the link to the original details for this giveaway:

So, I wrote down a list of all entries in the order that they were submitted.   Each entry received a number based upon the order of submissions.  And about an hour ago I submitted the numbers to http://www.random.org/ to figure out our winners!

1st place winnerwww.bijibijoux.etsy.com !!  CONGRATS MIMI!!!!

Mimi has her choice of any Swarovski ring in my shop that she wants!  I can't wait to see what you pick out!
Right now there are 47 Swarovski rings in my shop!!
The 2nd place winner:  Jaclyn - http://www.etsy.com/shop/jaclyn1423  CONGRATS!!!

Jaclyn has received a special code to receive 20% off of her order with Trinkets N Whatnots!

CONGRATS Mimi and Jaclyn!

BUT that isn't it.  I really truly appreciated all of the support everyone gave me and all the help to promote this event.  To show that appreciation I wanted to extend a special offer to all entrants

Use Coupon Code:  Treasure at the checkout to receive 10% off of your order with Trinkets N Whatnots.
This coupon code ends March 1st!  Take advantage of this code NOW while you can!
So everyone wins!!  This was a huge success and I plan on having more contests and giveaways in the future so keep an eye out!! 

THANKS everyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Petite Hermine - Fertility Bracelets and Gemstone Jewelry

On Etsy I am a part of a wonderful team, The Promotional Frenzy Team:

This team is filled with AMAZING shops but I am going to highlight Petite Hermines shop today:

Jen the owner of this shop told me this about her inspiration and shop:
"I love semi-precious gemstones, which is why they're my medium of choice when creating beaded statement jewelry. There are so many different kinds and each one is beautifully unique. I love wearing strings of gorgeous stones and decided to make my own when I couldn't find exactly what I like in stores. What can I say? Gemstones are so natural, timeless, and classy."

She has a unique jewelry product because her bracelets aren't just pretty gems... they are useful.  She has created fertility bracelets that help a woman track her cycles to assist her in getting pregnant!  How cool are these?
Rose Quartz, Jasper Gemstone Bracelet

One of her other creations that I just love is this Aventurine gemstone necklace:

I hope you will check out her shop.  She is a wonderful seller, with high quality pieces.