Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spring/Summer Swarovski Pieces of 2010

Ok this is part of my series on upcoming fashion trends to look for in Trinkets N Whatnots Jewelry!
As many of you know my favorite materials to work with are Pearls, Swarovski crystals, and buttons, especially vintage ones!

So this post is going to concentrate on the exciting new line of Swarovski Components you will be able to find in our upcoming jewelry line!

Again I rely heavily upon Pantone's fashion trend reports because they interview the latest fashion guru's during fashion week.  To find more information please check out this website:

Air Blue Opal crystals are just stunning and I can not wait to use those in my latest pieces!  Imagine a blue sky the most beautiful blue sky you have seen.... this is what the new Air Blue Opal crystal resembles!

The next crystal I am really inspired with is the Crystal Red Magma!  STUNNING!  Just like hot, lava, it is a color that will really turn heads when you see it!

Swarovski has had a Chessboard piece in their arsenal before but now they have Sew on buttons with this wonderful shape.  It is just like a chessboard, and faceted for lots of sparkle.  I plan on using these in my wire wrapped button rings!  So keep an eye out for those in the upcoming season!!

Mini Fancy Stones!  These are going to be my latest obsession.  I hope to incorporate these into my new watch line!  They are mini, fancy, shapes such as hearts, pears and blossoms.  Can you invision these gorgeous, tiny, sparkly, pears in a watch band? 

Lastly, you will be able to find some of the fancy stones already in settings ready for use!  I can not wait to use some of these fancy stones in new beaded ring designs!!!

Keep checking back regularly on Trinkets N Whatnots and my Etsy shop to see the latest accessory line!


Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Color Trends - What to Look for this Spring!

Well it is time to look ahead... and to see what you can expect in the upcoming season of 2010!!

I have done a lot of research through some of the popular fashion magazines and other resources and here are some predictions...  There will be an exciting new line from Trinkets N Whatnots!

The upcoming season you should expect to see bold colors to compliment your basic wardrobe pieces.  According to Pantone's Fashion Color Chart these will be very popular:

The top 10 Spring 2010 colors for women's fashion are:

1.  Turquoise        
2.  Tomato Purée
3.  Fusion Coral
4.  Violet
5.  Tuscany
6.  Aurora
7.  Amparo Blue
8.  Pink Champagne
9.  Dried Herb
10.  Eucalyptus

More to come in the next issue of my blog!  I can't wait to share some of my latest collection that will show these colors off!!!

Next week I will continue with more trends and upcoming pieces to watch for!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pearls and More Pearls!

Pearl Twist Bracelet

    I don't think it is a secret one of my favorite materials to use in my jewelry is pearls!  I just think of them as so classy and elegant.  There are so many different shapes, colors and sizes it is hard for me to sometimes decide which to use!

I thought I would share a little knowledge about pearls, and some of my favorite projects.
Pearls are one of the oldest gems in the world, and were used with the belief that they help bring good fortune.
Did you know that freshwater pearls take from three years to as many as five to six years before they are ready for harvest?

Pearl Care Do's and Don'ts:
* Don't toss them in a purse or jewelry box where they can become scratched.
* Treat your pearls gently; keep them in a chamois bag or wrap them in tissue when storing.
* Don't expose pearls to acid-based hair sprays, cosmetics or perfumes. And don't clean them with chemicals or abrasives.
* Do wash them with mild soap and water when you take them off. This will remove any traces of hair spray or perfume.
* When having pearls strung, place a knot between each pearl to avoid abrasion and to prevent loss if the string should break.

Another interesting fact is wearing your pearls regularly will help keep their luster because the bodies natural oils help rejuvenate them!!
I wouldn't recommend you try to clean them yourself, always take them to a professional jeweler to have them brightened!

Here are some of my favorite pearl jewelry pieces from my Etsy shop.  You can see the variety of colors and shapes within the pieces.  I hope you enjoy your pearls for years to come!!

This is a Pearl Lariat that can be found on Etsy:

This can be found on my personal website:

Until next week ....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Have a Craft Show Online Anytime!! The Handmade Craft Show

The Handmade Craft Show is a website that hosts incredible crafts in the format of a craft show.  Each crafter has a display booth to showcase their beautiful creations. 

Rhonda Jai is the founder and designer of and  She has had such a passion and interest in the handcrafted world that she has dedicated her site to help starving artists get a start.

This site is excellent for you to shop handmade items.  You can shop at a craft show (booths lined up with displays of handmade arts and crafts) but from the comfort of your own home! 

As an artist this is a very affordable way to hold craft shows for your creations!  Imagine a craft show all year round... this site can create an abundance of exposure for your handmade items.  The Handmade Craft Show has achieved top search engine rankings which means 1000's of visitors each month!

This site not only gives you your own booth to display your handmade crafts but there are a lot of opportunities for cross promotions.  Rhonda, helps get your items into all the major search engines.  Plus there are opportunities to blog and tweet about all of this too!

Please feel free to forward this blog, copy it and use it for twitter, facebook or other venues.

For more information click on over to the Handmade Craft Show website. Or you can check out the Handmade Craft Show Blog, too.
Thanks.  I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Projects

First I want to thank all of the new followers for sticking with me :) 

I am finished with all of the craft shows for this year!  So now I am just working on special gifts for loved ones, and creating something new and spectacular for 2010. 

I plan on creating a new line of necklaces that will be made with beads but will HOPEFULLY look like a beautiful fluffy, ruffle around the neck. 
Look at this stunning Swarovski Bracelet:

Luckily my mom is not into the internet much, and has no idea about my blog because this will be a gift to her this xmas!! 

I just love the graduation of colors, and the layers put into it... it naturally forms a cuff. 

I make earrings but haven't listed any in my Etsy shop, so look forward to that!  I am making a bunch of those too for the holidays.

I would love to hear your comments on what your plans are for the holidays.  I have purchased a special order from Etsy for my dad, and one for my sister.  I try to shop handmade as much as possible.

Feel free to leave comments with ideas you have for your loved ones, or share ONE piece from your shop that you think would make an extra special gift!

Thanks again everyone.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Craft Show Checklist

Since this is the time of year when many of us attend craft shows, and I just finished one... I thought I would give some information on what to expect, and what you should bring to be prepared.

*  Obviously you should bring your jewelry or finished craft items! 
*  You should bring tables to set up on (unless the show is providing them).  Make sure you know the size of the space so you can plan ahead.  And don't forget your chairs!!
*  Drapes for your table (I use neutral drapes so that the jewelry will pop off the table).  Try to bring drapes long enough to reach the ground.  This way you can store things under the table so your space looks nice.
*  Bring extra price tags just in case one is lost or you create a new piece while you are there.
*  Bring all of your tools to be able to make adjustments on the spot (shorten a necklace, change a clasp etc.)
*  Bring receipt books, for credit cards or just your company receipts
*  Equipment to process credit cards (get a knuckle buster, or check into Propay or even paypal)
*  Bring extra supplies (I couldn't possibly bring everything I own so you have to choose wisely) I generally bring extra chains for necklaces, extra clasps in case someone wants a different type then what is on the piece, and some of my more popular beads.
*  Bring scissors, tape and paper, and pens (for some reason I always think of a sign or special while I am at the venue)
*  Bring a banner for your space if allowed at the venue
*  Bring marketing materials (brochures, business cards, giveaway slips if you are having one, etc.)
*  Packaging (boxes, tissue paper, cotton filling, shopping bags etc.)
*  Bring a mirror and appropriate cleaning supplies to keep it shiny for each customer!
*  If your show is outside you should consider a canopy, fans, wet wipes, sun screen, hats, bug spray, etc.
*  Don't forget to bring plenty of change.  I usually bring about 100-150 depending on the size of the venue.  And it all depends on how you price (even dollars, 5's, or 10's or if there is change etc.)
*  You may want or need a calculator too
*  You may want to bring a camera to take pictures of your booth setup.  This is required for some shows so take advantage and get some good pics in natural lighting!

It wouldn't hurt to bring a portfolio, price lists, or wholesale lists .. you never know who you will meet.

Lastly, bring a positive attitude and a smile!  Don't forget that a successful craft show isn't based upon sales alone!  Remember to network, share information, so that you can find out new places to attend, or even find out about a great supplier!  And get your customers information for future use.  I usually set up a giveaway of one of my more popular designs.  It is free to enter, and they just have to enter their name, and e-mail address.  Now I have e-mail information for future mailing lists and possible sales in the future.  And if you hand out business cards to EVERYONE then you can still get future sales.

So have fun and GOOD LUCK!