Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Goals!!!

I want to thank all of you who have supported me and followed me in 2010.  I hope you all have a Happy New Year and wonderful Holidays.

This post is going to outline a few exciting new things in the future for Trinkets N Whatnots and also for our amazing Promotional Thread on Etsy.
And many of my goals and aspirations for 2011.

I hope you enjoy reading them, maybe are inspired by some of them, and will share your 2011 goals too.

2011 Trinkets N Whatnot Goals ( )

1.  I really want to have over 300 items listed in my shop!  Huge goal but be on the lookout for some amazing new products.  New shapes and colors to my Swarovski Button rings coming soon:

2.  New Line of Necklaces coming out to match the Swarovski Button rings and Earrings!

3.  I will attend a minimum of 6 craft shows in 2011.

4.  Find at least 4 local boutiques to carry some portion of my jewelry!

5.  Sell over 300 items in 2011.  An average of one item a day MINIMUM.

6.  Improve my SEO knowledge and apply that to my shop!

7.  Use Kaboodle more often, to its potential.  (ezines, connecting, organizing etc.)

8.  Blog at least once a week

9.  To have over 1000 blog followers!!

I am sure there is more but I will continue to add to my list as I go.

2011 Goals for the Promotional Frenzy Thread!!!

1.  I want our thread to have over 3000 sales in 2011.  (may sound high but it isn't with the BNR's and promoting we are doing!!!)

2.  Everyone to have a blog and to blog regularly (with a blog list of our thread mates)

3.  I want to have more special events that focus on us coming together as a team at a specific time in the thread to help each other. 

4.  At least 50 members in the thread!!

5.  Add NEW social sites to our list to utilize (kaboodle, stumbleupon, squidoo, many to come)

6.  Continue our BNR each week, 70 + sales each time!!!


One mysterious, misc. goal:  I will be opening a THIRD shop in 2011!!!!  Keep an eye out for the announcement but I am extremely excited and have receive positive feedback from the few that know!

Here is to a wonderful 2011.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

How Are Buyers Finding You?

I have been doing a lot of research on my Google Analytics (GA).  I know there is valuable information in those statistics to help me optimize my Etsy shop.  I plan on having more posts in the future on other capabilities but today is about figuring out how your buyers found you!

I stumbled upon a great post in the Etsy forums written by:
If you haven't bumped into Cindylou on the etsy forums you have missed out, she is a wealth of knowledge.
She also has a successful jewelry shop on etsy.

Her post in the forums is a wonderful step by step guide as to how to use GA statistics to see how your buyers found you.  This is incredibly useful information because now you will know where to find your buyers.  Cindylou was nice enough to allow me to repost this, thank you.

I hope you guys find this as helpful as I did.

1.  If you haven't already, sign up for Google Analytics:

2.  Make sure you also enable the "Site Search" option, which tells you how people searched for you on Etsy:

3.  Then, after you make a sale (remember that it can take 2-3 hours for GA to update)

A:  Log into GA, change the date to today (top right) and find the buyer's location by clicking on Visitors--> Map Overlay--> Country (menu on the left), then the region and/or city.

TIP: not everyone will have exactly the same postal address as GA shows them from. Look for nearby cities. You may have to google the town or city name they gave you to find out what it is close to.

B: If you find the city or town, click on it. You will see a screen like this:

Note the little arrow pointing to the drop-down menu that says "None" - that is called the "Dimension" menu

C:  Click on the menu that says "None" - your screen will now look like this:

D:  If you click on the menu option that says "Source", you will know which website they entered Etsy from.

If that is a search engine (like Google, Yahoo etc.) click on "Keyword" to see which terms they found Etsy with. Sometimes this will answer your question!

E:   Unfortunately, GA only shows how people entered Etsy, not necessarily your shop, so if the source & keyword do not make sense for your shop, or if the source is "direct", you need to click on "Landing Page" to see what page they first arrived on.

Often you will get a result that looks like this:

(hover the cursor over the shorter title to see the long one in the box)
In that result, the person searched "In Canada" in the Jewelry-->Necklace category on Etsy, & found my "paua-abalone-shell-and-crystal-necklace" on page 54 of the search.

This page can help you decode the landing page data:
Although it isn't 100% up to date. Usually the codes are clear once you look carefully.

F:  If you could not find the city your buyer listed as their address (maybe they are on vacation & shopping from another location), then you can still try to find them by going to the "Content-->Content By Title" menu (on the left), & locate the item they bought. You can use the "Dimension" menu the same way as before to find out how the people who looked at that page today entered Etsy, & which page they landed on to find your shop.

Sadly, GA cannot track every buyer, as people can block the tracking, & some computers don't have the correct software installed to track through GA. Also, if you have a very busy shop or generally get a lot of business from one region (like New York City) then it might be tough to narrow this down. However, I can track at least 90% of my buyers this way

Try it! it is easier than it looks!
Thank you again Cindylou for providing this valuable information!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Treasuries on Etsy!!

Recently some really amazing treasuries have been made featuring my shop and of course other gorgeous shops on Etsy!  I wanted to share a few with you. 

Please check these out on etsy, click on some of the items, and leave a comment  :)

Crystal Clear!

Basic Black!

Plenty more to come!!!
Thanks for looking.