Wednesday, October 19, 2011


WOW!   The Promotional Frenzy Team had a special BNR on Tuesday the 18th.   And we had 189 sales in one single day!!

I want to give some special thanks out to those that organized this BNR.

Crystal Photography - She is pregnant with twins and realized we could have fun trying to guess the date of birth for her twins and turned that into an amazing theme for our BNR.  She spent countless hours while pregnant with the twins blogging, and promoting, arranging all the details.  She was able to help get all the prizes lined up and all the curator shifts together.  AND donated a prize to this event!

You can read all the details about the BNR and the PRIZES that were over $700 dollars, here at her blog

Check out her amazing shop:

Then there is Camilles Closet.  She really had a lot of ideas to set this up and helped Crystal set it all up.  She had some really creative ideas and incentives to make this such a huge success. 

Her amazing Wax seal pendants I think really make her shop stand out.  She donated a prize to this BNR too!!

Our resident BNR lady:  Crocheted By Charlene  She also donated a wonderful prize and has an AMAZING shop.  She helps make sure all the curators are lined up and convo's them all the details... lots of behind the scenes leg work on her part each week for our team! 
Check out her newest line, crocheted headwarmers!

Then we have a member on our team that is still fairly new but just jumped in with both feet with amazing energy and enthusiasm.  Lost Lemonade  She stayed online for basically 14 hours today to help track all the sales, how many entries each person has etc.  HUGE detailed, LONG day... she gave our preggo Crystal a small breather today.  And I am sure you can start to sense a pattern, we have such supportive members... so she also donated a prize to the cause!

Check out these very cool bath products in a festive Ornament!!

With 189 Sales Total it was obviously a HUGE team effort.  Tons of promoting, donations, and hardowrk that resulted in an AMAZING event.

Obviously I can't thank every individual person that helped us make this event such a success.


This was the list of curators we had tonight AND those that donated prizes.  - a bar of oatmeal, milk and honey soap valued at $6.00. - a surprise gift valued at $15. - a Bird Handmade With Swarovski Crystals in the color of your choice valued at $11.00. - a 5 pack Pin Up girl spice kit valued at $15.00. - a pair of hand felted ball earrings valued at $17.00. - a glass heart shaped pendant valued at $8.00. - a pot holder valued at $8.00. - a pair of earrings valued at $20.00. - a headwarmer valued at $14.00. - a pair of earrings that are made of real turquoise and hand worked old carnelian beads. The drop is 1.5 inches. Value is $18.00. - a Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant valued at $20.00. - a charm bracelet valued at $32.00. - a Chiffon Scarf and Rose set valued at $9.90. - a bottle of Bath Sea Salts valued at $7.00. - a 5x7 print called 'Daisy in the Spring' valued at $20.00. - a pendant of the winners choice, including the option of a custom pendant design, valued upto $7.50. - a set of No Place Like Home washi tape deco clothespins and 4 Whisper Neutrals papercraft upcycled mini card gift tags valued together at $8.00. - 2 sheets of personalized thank you labels valued at $7.75. - any item in her shop up to a $15 value. - a $15 credit to her shop. - a Sunshine eyeglasses lanyard. - a Red Flower Print Of Original Flower Painting 5x7 valued at $15.00. - 2 Wax Seal Initial Necklaces valued at $17 each. - a Brighton leather accessories are timeless creations assembled by hand and created from fine leathers. Available only in Brighton Collectibles stores and select specialty shops, they are well-known for their heart logos and silver charms adorning many of the products in their collections.

This limited edition case measures 3 by 4 inches and has a zipper closure with pretty silver charm pull. A heart-shaped window is perfect for a favorite photo. It is designed with deep brown fine pebble leather and the famous Brighten croc detailing. Valued at $35 US. - a pair of pumpkin earrings valued at $15.00. - a wristlet valued at $16.00. - a luggage tag valued at $8.00. - an art zine valued at $3.50. - a ceramic sunflower ring marble valued at $12.99. - a Genuine European Charm Bracelet with Murano Glass Bead valued at $105.00. - a bracelet made of recycled plastic bags (to be custom made for the winner) valued at $18.00. - a pair of earrings valued upto $10.00. - a pair of baby leggings valued at $7.00. - 2 sets of tags valued teogether at $5.00. - a Elmo Inspired Earflap Hat with Red Fringed Scarf valued at $28.00. - a 4 pack of Exclusive Seeds and Fern Handmade Paper Stationery valued at $15.00. - a Christmas ornament of choice valued at $10.00. - a Silk Flower Headband valued at $25.00. - a pair of Perfectly Twisted Wire Earrings tutorial valued at $12.00. - a printable thank you card valued at $9.50. - $15 store credit. - curator - curator for TWO shifts - Curator for TWO shifts

There were countless others who helped convo friends to get the traffic up. 



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Operation Care Package

I am working with an organization called, "Operation Care Packages" and they are collecting items to send overseas to our troops that will be deployed during the holidays.   I have worked with this organization for 4 years now.

I think about an organization such as Etsy that connects millions of people and can see so much potential to make a difference. If everyone gave one or two items we would easily meet and of course exceed our goals.

So how can we all help with this, in these tough economic times?  Direct donations are of course appreciated and needed but there are MANY ways to help this year.

1.  Just help spread the word.  Please blog about this, email your friends, tell your co-workers... just help spread the word on this wonderful cause.

2.  Get a local school or church involved.  My mom is a retired teacher and she gets kids at school to draw and paint and send messages.  The troops love to see all of that support.

3.  Look around your house to see what you don't need or want anymore.  Old magazines are greatly appreciated, used books too.  Do you have old games, decks of cards, or movies laying around?   All of these things are keep the cost to you down but would make a huge impact for our troops.  Other than the cost to ship these wouldn't cost you a thing!

4.  Go to the local dollar store and buy 5-10 items which will cost you 5-10 dollars.  This organization loves to send a stocking to every troop so you could buy 5 PACKS of stockings.  Or just some toiletries, or games and books from there.  Very cheap and you can buy multiple items.

5.  Here is a great website with very affordable odds and ends, such as deck of cards, stockings that are only 50 cents each, games and ornaments.. .

6.  You can send blank cards so that they have something to send back to loved ones, or a book of stamps.  Just get creative and send something, one thing :)

Here is a LONG list of things they would want and could use:

"Wish List"

The following is a list of items that are especially needed to add Holiday cheer to packages.

Cards & letters of support to 'any hero'

Hot Chocolate & Hot Cider Packets Cookies (small individual packs)

Chocolate bars & kisses

Batteries AA & AAA

Hand held games, dvds and cds

Sweat pants and blanket throws

Socks - Mens - white /black - work /crew

Summer sausage, beef sticks or pepperoni sticks (6oz to 12oz size)

Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Nuts (individual sizes)

Small Christmas trees - 8 to 18 inches tall

Zip lock bags (quart and gallon size)

Popcorn balls / Carmel corn

Phone cards 120 min AT&T

Little Stockings (Approx 10-16 inches tall x 5-6 inches wide)

Hand made ornaments (no glass please)

Protien Bars * Batteries * Jerky

Pre-sweetened powdered Kool-aid, Gatorade

Kool aid singles or similar

Jerky, Slim Jims, Summer Sausage, Beef Sticks

Canned Fruit, Dried Fruit, Fruit Snacks

Canned Hearty Soup, Ravioli, Stew

Cup A Soup, Top Ramon, Dinty Moore

Trail Mix, Nuts, Sunflower Seeds

Pre-Packaged Cookies

Instant Oatmeal, Boxed Cereal

Easy Mac & Cheese, Microwave Popcorn

Canned Tuna, Chicken

Peanut Butter / Jelly (No Glass Please)

Small boxes of crackers

Muti-Vitamins, Tylenol

New/Used DVDs / CDs

Puzzle Books, Pads of paper, Long Envelopes

Qt. / Gal Zip Lock Bags

Hand Held Games, Hand held Mini fans, Misters

Batteries AA/ AAA
Cards games...UNO, Skip Bo,

Yahtzee, Board Games, Sports equipment, Hacky Sacks, X-Box & PS2 Games

Mens White/Black Crew/ Work socks

Under Armour Wear T-Shirts Sm., Med., Lg., Xlg.

Shave towels, wash cloths, Cool scarves

Sun glasses, Safety glasses, Gloves, 72" boot laces

Special Wants

Small Personal or Desk Fans, Hand & Foot warmers, Hot Plates, Small Coffee Grinder, Twin Sheet Sets, Pillow cases, Travel Size Pillows, Cool Scarves, Jogging Pants, Cool Max T-Shirts, Wash Cloths and Bath Towels, Flashlights, Headlamps, Leatherman, New or Good Condition Books, No Romance Please, Mystery, Western, Thriller, Sports, Inspirational

SuperBowl Sunday Help us give them a day every American Loves

Footballs, Nerf Balls, Sports Related Items, New Football or Sports Magazines, Salsa - in plastic please, Totilla Chips, Summer Sausage, Small boxes of crackers, Cheese - Non refrigerated, Plastic Football Bowls for chips, Football Napkins, Football Sports Flags or Banners, Men's Deodorant, Shave Cream, Foot Powder, odor eaters, Small size shampoos, conditioner, mouthwash, Floss, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail clippers, Sunblock, Mosquito repellant, Fly tape, Wet Wipes, Anti-bacterial liquid soap

Holiday Needs

Summer sausage, Crackers, Canned Ham (Sm.)

Lots Pre-packaged Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Coffee

Chocolate Candy, Hard Candy,

Handmade or mini ornaments

Small 18-22 inch Christmas Trees (Artificial)

New or Handmade Blanket Throws

Cards & letters of support

Hand made kids pictures/ letters

Small un-wrapped gifts

Homemade / bought stockings / Mini or regular size

SEND HERE No Later Than November 15th
Operation Care Package

611 Wilcox St. 

Joliet, IL. 60435

On a separate note I also collect packages for the local injured troops.  I personally deliver them to the local fisher houses at Andrew's Air Force Base, and Walter Reed Army Hospital etc.

These are people who will be in a hospital during the holidays and can't go home and are dealing with major injuries.  So if you are interested in helping some local injured troops please contact me directly.
I will post updates here as to what we have collected, and hopefully have some pictures of the local troops, and of the donations to post here too.