Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Handmade Registry Website - My Handmade Registry

I received a convo on Etsy today that I was featured on the front page of My Handmade Registry.  You can find the website at:

It is a wonderful concept.  Just like there are bridal/wedding registries and baby shower registries where you can create a wish list of items you want to receive... now there is a handmade registry.  Can you imagine how wonderful your birthdays, special occassions and holidays could be, now that you can share a list of the handmade items you want?  Now you can find that extra special gift for a loved one by seeing their handmade wish list!  I am so excited about this website.

This site also offers interactive features such as groups.  You can interact with others, and help find niches.  For instance there is a group for "My $5000 handmade Wedding".  The creator of the website Dorana had her wedding featured in an Etsy storque article from this!

There are opportunities to be a sponsor, to advertise, and see other members.  Huge potential for fun and gift giving.

I hope you will check out this website. 
This is the necklace that made their front page.

Thank you so much for the feature. 


  1. I knew those necklaces would be a hit! Congratulations on the front page on Myhandmaderegistry! That green is my favorite shade. Would be a good wedding piece for sure!

  2. Those are really beautiful necklaces!

  3. thank you SO much for taking the time to blog about your feature on! we've updated our blog sponsor list with your link! thank you again for your support!

    i cant wait to see YOUR HANDMADE WISH LIST so that we can feature your profile on our daily FRONT PAGE FEATURE!

    siempre - dorana