Monday, September 13, 2010

Ulixis Crafts - More Meaningful Gifts Etsy

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful thread in the Etsy Forums called More Meaningful Gifts.  You can find the details here:

This thread has an amazing group of Etsy sellers, but today I want to highlight Ulixis Crafts who has been incredibly helpful to me.

She has 3 Etsy shops! 
Her main Etsy shop is her jewelry. Beads, chains, wire, stones and glass!

Paper Ulixis is her 3rd shop filled with paper, ink, fibers, glues. Beautiful tags, and notebooks can be found there.

Sew Ulixis is a shop filled with Fabric, quilt, cross-stitch and needle work.

Uli answered some questions to tell you about herself and her craft.  I hope you enjoy reading about her.

Would you tell me how you got started in your craft?

Really, I've always been crafty. I remember spending days in the summer crafting with my aunt - my favourite used to be wreathes, cross-stitch & beading. But of course I sort of lost touch with my crafty side during high school - too busy with science, math & boys! But after spending some time in University, I was itching to get my hands on something.

Why did you pick your craft?

I started out with notebooks because I LOVE notebooks. I have at least half a dozen on the go right now - blank & lined. But then I soon gravitated back to my old loves: cross-stitch & beading... and eventually picked up sewing because I've always admired my aunt (who used to make her own clothes).

When did you start?

I've been crafting for about 3 years now (not counting my childhood days).

Any interesting tid bits?

--> My degree will be an MSc - I'm looking at the link between obesity & asthma. In other words, I work with fat & airway muscle cells, seeing how the fat will affect the muscle's activity.

--> I just recently started adding paint to my mixed media work & I am LOVING it!

--> I'm Canadian & a sheltered one at that. I've only been out of the country 4 or 5 times - and only driving into the US. Actually, I haven't traveled that much within Canada either ... & I've never been in a plane (except once - a small propeller plane from Toronto to North Bay - my aunt [not the same one this time :P] works for the airline & the plane was heading back empty otherwise).

--> I'm a member of the MSOE team (mad scientist of etsy).

--> Pat & I have been together for 9 years. :)

Thanks Uli for all of your patience, help and support.


  1. Awww - you're too kind galla - thank you so much for the awesome feature! going to go add this to the promo section on my website. :)

  2. I LOVE ULI! She is an awesome seller and etsy friend. I have lots of her paper stuff and some great jewlry (including a bee necklace) from her. She rocks!

  3. Uli is also an active blogger who takes stunning photos! Check it out at

  4. Great feature on one of my favorate etsians!

  5. Uli has been a wonderful help to me as well. Her items are just beautiful.