Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Goals!!!

I want to thank all of you who have supported me and followed me in 2010.  I hope you all have a Happy New Year and wonderful Holidays.

This post is going to outline a few exciting new things in the future for Trinkets N Whatnots and also for our amazing Promotional Thread on Etsy.
And many of my goals and aspirations for 2011.

I hope you enjoy reading them, maybe are inspired by some of them, and will share your 2011 goals too.

2011 Trinkets N Whatnot Goals ( )

1.  I really want to have over 300 items listed in my shop!  Huge goal but be on the lookout for some amazing new products.  New shapes and colors to my Swarovski Button rings coming soon:

2.  New Line of Necklaces coming out to match the Swarovski Button rings and Earrings!

3.  I will attend a minimum of 6 craft shows in 2011.

4.  Find at least 4 local boutiques to carry some portion of my jewelry!

5.  Sell over 300 items in 2011.  An average of one item a day MINIMUM.

6.  Improve my SEO knowledge and apply that to my shop!

7.  Use Kaboodle more often, to its potential.  (ezines, connecting, organizing etc.)

8.  Blog at least once a week

9.  To have over 1000 blog followers!!

I am sure there is more but I will continue to add to my list as I go.

2011 Goals for the Promotional Frenzy Thread!!!

1.  I want our thread to have over 3000 sales in 2011.  (may sound high but it isn't with the BNR's and promoting we are doing!!!)

2.  Everyone to have a blog and to blog regularly (with a blog list of our thread mates)

3.  I want to have more special events that focus on us coming together as a team at a specific time in the thread to help each other. 

4.  At least 50 members in the thread!!

5.  Add NEW social sites to our list to utilize (kaboodle, stumbleupon, squidoo, many to come)

6.  Continue our BNR each week, 70 + sales each time!!!


One mysterious, misc. goal:  I will be opening a THIRD shop in 2011!!!!  Keep an eye out for the announcement but I am extremely excited and have receive positive feedback from the few that know!

Here is to a wonderful 2011.


  1. These goals are very ambicious, I wish you get all!!!

  2. You said to think big! You go girl! A 3rd shop, can't wait to see.

  3. you have nice goals and you did not leave us out ... thank you
    you also gave me some ideas for my goals for the year. I am glad I read you blog

  4. Lots of wonderful and well-rounded goals! That's great that you're opening a new shop! With all that happening I'm sure your sales will increase!

  5. Great plans! It will be an exciting year!

  6. Reading your list made me realize just exactly how many things I still need to give thought to for 2011!

    I can't believe I forgot SEO ...
    (head/desk, head/desk!)

  7. What ambitious plans! Good luck and with that attitude, I'm sure you'll achieve them all :)

  8. Thanks everyone!! lol JILL!! Is your head ok? hihihi Always room to improve :) Can't wait to see what we all do in 2011!!

  9. Fantastic set of goals. May we all work to reach our goals together!!!

  10. Great Goals! I wish you the best of luck reaching each & everyone of them I know you can do it

  11. So great goals! Congrats on your new and third shop!
    I wish you all my best for the year of 2011!

    Thank you for your time and thank you for being lot of help for all of us! HUGS!!!!!!

  12. Great, Great Goals!!! We all should have a fresh and clear start in this 2011!!!
    Good Luck!!!

  13. Fantastic goals! Can't wait to see you achieve each of them!

  14. WOW, GALLA! I can't wait to see the new jewelry (*willingly relinquishes birthday money, lol* ;), and the new shop!! :D :D :D

    ~Denise (HogansHandiwork)

  15. One more to add to your goal, following you and going to check out the thread

  16. Good morning, just stumbled upon the thread and this sounds like a very good team to be part of! Love your goals and good luck with them!

  17. Love the goals -- especially the craft fair ones. Having only been through one craft fair season -- but we went to about 30 fairs in the span of three months -- I would offer this one humble suggestion: Aim for shows that are small and the entry fee is low, rather than the monster town "festivals" where the entry fee is high and you're competing against a lot of the commercial vendors.

    Just my two cents... Good luck with the goals! You can do it!

  18. Your goals are inspiring! I wish you much sucess this upcoming year and look forward to following your progress on your blog and via Etsy.

    All the best to you!
    a/k/a Toddletags

  19. WOW! These are some GREAT goals for 2011 Galla. Thank you for sharing. I hope & pray that you do well this upcoming year.

  20. Great goals! Hope your third shop does well when it opens. I'm slowly working on my second :). Wish you luck with sales!

  21. All the best! I look forward to seeing what you offer in your new shop!

  22. great goals! i know you can do it!

  23. Great goals and thanks for all you do to promote our shops in the promo frenzy thread

  24. Ummm..... I think you forgot a goal. SLEEP!!!!

    And let me add to the suspense and drama, the mystery goal is going to be awesome!!!!!!

  25. Very impressive goals! Can't wait to see the new shop unveiling.

  26. Great list!! Good luck in the new year :)

  27. great ideas! I am intrigued...

  28. Best thing that happened to me in 2010 was finding Promotional Frenzy Threadies.

    Great goals. Can hardly wait to see the Mystery Goal.