Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update on Lola

I just wanted to give a quick update on Lola!  She is doing pretty good.  She is definitely relaxing and appreciative of being indoors where it is safe and DRY.

She is starting to stretch out and really relax, purring and eating really good.  We will definitely need to get more work done on her, probably some blood work to make sure everything is ok since she is so malnourished, and to get spayed, and the rest of her vaccinations.

Here are some pictures of her relaxing

We received some really nice donations from friends, and it is GREATLY appreciated.  100% of all donations go strictly to Lola's care.  The vet bills and her food, etc.  For her to get healthy and to find a loving home.

If you would like to donate the button is at the top right of this blog.

Thank you everyone for the support.



  1. She looks friendly. I am glad she is improving. Thanks for your kind heart Janet!

  2. Janet...she is starting to look are doing a wonderful thing with her and she certainly appreciates it by the look of her.

  3. Miss Lola already looks quite a bit better than the other day. Her coloring is so pretty - very Autumnal!

  4. Janet, she looks better. You're doing great!

  5. THANKS Pritty, Sewing and Jill :)))

    She is a gorgeous kitty. Oh how I wish I had more time, money and space because I would keep her. She is really a sweet cat.

  6. she's looking good and happy!! Hope you find her a good home soon. I will donate as soon as I have some income.