Wednesday, October 19, 2011


WOW!   The Promotional Frenzy Team had a special BNR on Tuesday the 18th.   And we had 189 sales in one single day!!

I want to give some special thanks out to those that organized this BNR.

Crystal Photography - She is pregnant with twins and realized we could have fun trying to guess the date of birth for her twins and turned that into an amazing theme for our BNR.  She spent countless hours while pregnant with the twins blogging, and promoting, arranging all the details.  She was able to help get all the prizes lined up and all the curator shifts together.  AND donated a prize to this event!

You can read all the details about the BNR and the PRIZES that were over $700 dollars, here at her blog

Check out her amazing shop:

Then there is Camilles Closet.  She really had a lot of ideas to set this up and helped Crystal set it all up.  She had some really creative ideas and incentives to make this such a huge success. 

Her amazing Wax seal pendants I think really make her shop stand out.  She donated a prize to this BNR too!!

Our resident BNR lady:  Crocheted By Charlene  She also donated a wonderful prize and has an AMAZING shop.  She helps make sure all the curators are lined up and convo's them all the details... lots of behind the scenes leg work on her part each week for our team! 
Check out her newest line, crocheted headwarmers!

Then we have a member on our team that is still fairly new but just jumped in with both feet with amazing energy and enthusiasm.  Lost Lemonade  She stayed online for basically 14 hours today to help track all the sales, how many entries each person has etc.  HUGE detailed, LONG day... she gave our preggo Crystal a small breather today.  And I am sure you can start to sense a pattern, we have such supportive members... so she also donated a prize to the cause!

Check out these very cool bath products in a festive Ornament!!

With 189 Sales Total it was obviously a HUGE team effort.  Tons of promoting, donations, and hardowrk that resulted in an AMAZING event.

Obviously I can't thank every individual person that helped us make this event such a success.


This was the list of curators we had tonight AND those that donated prizes.  - a bar of oatmeal, milk and honey soap valued at $6.00. - a surprise gift valued at $15. - a Bird Handmade With Swarovski Crystals in the color of your choice valued at $11.00. - a 5 pack Pin Up girl spice kit valued at $15.00. - a pair of hand felted ball earrings valued at $17.00. - a glass heart shaped pendant valued at $8.00. - a pot holder valued at $8.00. - a pair of earrings valued at $20.00. - a headwarmer valued at $14.00. - a pair of earrings that are made of real turquoise and hand worked old carnelian beads. The drop is 1.5 inches. Value is $18.00. - a Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant valued at $20.00. - a charm bracelet valued at $32.00. - a Chiffon Scarf and Rose set valued at $9.90. - a bottle of Bath Sea Salts valued at $7.00. - a 5x7 print called 'Daisy in the Spring' valued at $20.00. - a pendant of the winners choice, including the option of a custom pendant design, valued upto $7.50. - a set of No Place Like Home washi tape deco clothespins and 4 Whisper Neutrals papercraft upcycled mini card gift tags valued together at $8.00. - 2 sheets of personalized thank you labels valued at $7.75. - any item in her shop up to a $15 value. - a $15 credit to her shop. - a Sunshine eyeglasses lanyard. - a Red Flower Print Of Original Flower Painting 5x7 valued at $15.00. - 2 Wax Seal Initial Necklaces valued at $17 each. - a Brighton leather accessories are timeless creations assembled by hand and created from fine leathers. Available only in Brighton Collectibles stores and select specialty shops, they are well-known for their heart logos and silver charms adorning many of the products in their collections.

This limited edition case measures 3 by 4 inches and has a zipper closure with pretty silver charm pull. A heart-shaped window is perfect for a favorite photo. It is designed with deep brown fine pebble leather and the famous Brighten croc detailing. Valued at $35 US. - a pair of pumpkin earrings valued at $15.00. - a wristlet valued at $16.00. - a luggage tag valued at $8.00. - an art zine valued at $3.50. - a ceramic sunflower ring marble valued at $12.99. - a Genuine European Charm Bracelet with Murano Glass Bead valued at $105.00. - a bracelet made of recycled plastic bags (to be custom made for the winner) valued at $18.00. - a pair of earrings valued upto $10.00. - a pair of baby leggings valued at $7.00. - 2 sets of tags valued teogether at $5.00. - a Elmo Inspired Earflap Hat with Red Fringed Scarf valued at $28.00. - a 4 pack of Exclusive Seeds and Fern Handmade Paper Stationery valued at $15.00. - a Christmas ornament of choice valued at $10.00. - a Silk Flower Headband valued at $25.00. - a pair of Perfectly Twisted Wire Earrings tutorial valued at $12.00. - a printable thank you card valued at $9.50. - $15 store credit. - curator - curator for TWO shifts - Curator for TWO shifts

There were countless others who helped convo friends to get the traffic up. 




  1. This team is awesome... I was part of Etsy community for 4 years before I joined the team and I was just stumbling around.. but thanks to this terrific group of ladies I am doing much better with my shop!! Go PromoFrenzy To!!

    Sorry I missed all the fun last night!

  2. What a fantabulous BNR event!!! I wish I could have joined in on all the fun - work got in the way!!!
    Cheers to an AWESOME PFT team!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention! This was so much fun!!! Sewing - haha - "stumbling" around! Hope to do another soon! PFT - IT'S WHAT WE DO!!!

  4. As a lurker, it was awesome to watch, way too much for me to process thou. Will have to get my feet wet on a slower BNR, if that is possible with this team ! :)

  5. To use the favorite words of somebody we all know and ♥ ... "HONESTLY", 189 sales is "HUGE"!!!

  6. Well done to all those who organized and worked this! It was a huge success!

  7. it was so much fun!! Hope to see more events like this in the future! I loved not being able to keep up!

  8. Thanks to everyone who helped!!! Now to sort through everything!

  9. Lots of fun and sales, had a great time :)

  10. So much enthusiasm and energy! I feel totally energized by this event! Thanks Crystal and all Frenzies!:D
    Thanks Galla!

  11. This was such a great event! Thanks for the mention :)

    Promo Frenzy Team is the BEST!!!

  12. Curating for the first time was a really harrowing experience. My first hour was spent accepting the help of the team because I was completely clueless! You're all wonderful and patient and i couldn't have gotten through my slot without you!

    Thank you everyone!

  13. The Baby Bash BNR was a blast! So much fun and so many sales, WOW.

    A HUGE THANKS AND APPLAUSE to each Curator. Each one did a fantastic job. I have so much respect and appreciation for each of you who are up to that tremendous challenge. KUDOS! KUDOS! KUDOS!

  14. Great event and congratulations on all the success!!

  15. The event was a lot of fun! Wouldn't want to do it too often but this time was a blast. I'm considerably poorer than I was yesterday morning. LOL

  16. And what a fun event it was! I had a wonderful evening and just mailed off my packages today. Can't wait to get my purchases in the mail! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard, especially Crystal.

  17. uniquecozytreasures- Glad you all had such a great BNR.

  18. What a great night! Thanks for those that worked so hard - and all those that supported the BNR with lots of sales!

  19. Wow, amazing! Congrats to everyone for such an amazing job!

  20. Congratulations on this successful event. I"m happy to be a part of it.