Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals

So for 2011 I set 9 personal goals and achieved 5.  I am very disappointed in that.  Some of the goals were just too ambitious and some were just bad timing and I just wasn't able to complete them.

2012 Goals for me personally and my business:
1.  New line of Jewelry coming - Updates to my rings, and new accessories
2.  List over 400 items in my shop
3.  Achieve over 1000 sales
4.  Use Pinterest and Google Buzz more
5.  Hit 10,000 Circles (I know CRAZY, probably not possible... )
6.  Have at LEAST 4 local shops carrying my jewelry
7.  Get my 3rd shop up and running on Etsy
8.  Buy a house and Move

The Promotional Frenzy Team had an AMAZING 2011.  We consistently maintain a roster of over 100 team members.  Had a 100% compliance rate with blogs, we create many new events, and participated in contests for more visibility and the biggest accomplishment??
OVER 1600 SALES IN OUR BNRS!!  It is impossible to know how many sales our teammates have had just from our team activities but with 1600 sales from our bi-weekly event I am sure this was a successful year.

1.  Have everyone work on their circles (minimum of 500 each)
2.  Improve upon our team Twitter account (1000 followers)
3.  Use Flickr team account more
4.  Master Google Buzz and Pinterest
5.  Have our team blog up and running
6.  Enter more contests, apply for Etsy grants, advertise and more!
7.  Well over 3000 sales for the team!

Thank you to all the support of my friends and teammates.


  1. Go Janet! And go PFT! I have goals I need to crack a little harder on!

  2. Those are great goals :) Might as well set them high because it's even better when they're achieved!

  3. Wow over 1600 sales?? I had no idea!!!! That is amazing.

    And I met 0 of my 2011 goals. 2011 was a growing and learning year. We started many new adventures. 2012 is already more organized, and we are going to kick butt!!!

  4. Good luck on the circles - whew, I'm no where CLOSE to that at all!!!!!! Congrats on all those sales. I love the team goals also. Perhaps my biggest team challenge: GOOGLE BUZZ! ACK! At least stumble wasn't on the list. *wink wink*

  5. 400 ITEMS IN YOUR SHOP?!! I feel like a real bum now! Time to get cracking!!! 0_o

  6. YEah... Janet... you can do it and I love PFT!! I see a great year there too!

  7. Great goals for the Promotional Frenzy team! I look forward to seeing how they will work for all members!

  8. Yes must set goals for this year! once they are communicated on paper you can't get away from them. I have my craft group meeting and I have to say I ve been feeling rather flat but I like the goal setting idea and have just perked up a little.

  9. Great set of goals, Galla. I know you will accomplish them. Thanks for making PFT what it is!

  10. Ambitious but certainly worth pursuing! And with the PFT goals I'll surely help get things rolling! Let the games begin!:))

  11. "New line of Jewelry coming" ...

  12. Great list of goals and I see quite a lot that I would like to achieve for myself there too! ;-D Wishing you much success for 2012 for you personally and for the PFT! *Ü*

  13. Wow...you'll definitely be busy! and us too! LOL looking at your goals.... Don't be too hard on yourself on the ones you missed. Goals are always a "stretch", a reach to an accomplishment. any movement closer to that "reach" is a "success"..Is it showing that I was in marketing and sales for a number of years???? ;-)

  14. Great list of goals. Sets my mind aspinning as to what I should do for goals. The team goals help, too. Since you set the goal for everyone to get to 500 circles, I have worked on that and achieved that goal already - now, on to 1000. 2011 was my first year at selling anything and getting on Etsy and I am so grateful that someone steered me toward PFT. This team has given me help and direction when I had not a clue as to what to do. I am still pretty clueless, but the team sure helps - even if I do tend to stay in the background. Thank you so much!

  15. Woow!!!! That is very big list :) wishing you all big luck with this list !
    I'm sure you will finish it this year ;-)

  16. I better get working on my circles :)

  17. I had better get to figuring out pinterest :)

  18. Don't run yourself ragged! We don't want a frazzled Janet! Great goals. Some of last year's goals were derailed by circumstances beyond your control. Did you factor in saving that guy's life? You had lots of... interesting things happen.

  19. Good luck with your goals for 2012 :) I am working on mine too. Oh boy lot of work lol