Friday, March 12, 2010

Bridal Line Coming Soon!

NEW Bridal Line Coming!!

    My personal website is always changing and we are always looking to expand our inventory. We have decided to start a bridal line. There is a lot of bridal jewelry out there, and we are very aware of the options. Our goal with this line is to introduce unusual designs that you won't find anywhere else!

   We are going to stand by our signature Swarovski looks but create "ICE"! You can expect HUGE sparkle but we aren't going to stop there. We are going to offer something "old" our vintage glass buttons are perfect for this. Even better something "blue". You can get a vintage glass button ring that is blue to fit both of these!!

Look at this beautiful baby blue, vintage Glass button:

   We also started creating Swarovski Button rings, which can provide a sophisticated look, and give a nice sparkle. These are beautiful, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

   Many of our Swarovski Bracelet designs will become available in all silver, crystal, ice and can also be made into necklaces. Here are examples of our designs, but can be made in any colors!

    Lastly, I want to point out that we are one of the few sites out there that offer complete customization. We even have a page dedicated to custom orders, where you can input your criteria and submit to me. So these designs are basically ideas for you to use and to customize for each individual occasion you have. So consider these designs for your special occassions, and especially for gifts! Your bridal party would love it.

    Here is a link to our custom orders page, we LOVE custom orders. They give me a chance to create something outside of my box, and to create something truly special for you and your special occassion!

   I would love to hear your feedback on this new line. And I would especially love feedback on our custom order page.




  1. GORGEOUS! good luck with your new bridal line!

  2. Wow your items are amazing!

  3. The glass jewelry looks very delicate and fantastic.they could be heavenly gift ideas also.I love the delicate button...oh lovely display of lovely jewelry.