Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion Trends 2010

I found a really helpful blog, filled with AMAZING information!  One thing I stumbled upon were the fashion trends that are being seen on the runways.

Some of the trends highlighted in this article that I am particularly interested in with my jewelry are:

Layered looks:  Take multiple strands of beads and mixing them up!  Using multiple materials too, to create more texture and interesting dimensions.  This is exciting because the options are endless with layers!

Here is one of my layered necklaces that is an assymetrical design. This necklace isn't overly complicated but I just love how it looks like a vine around your neck and perfect for the Spring as things start to turn green:

Another trend that I LOVE are the use of flowers and floral patterns, I have used a focal bead in the necklace below that has a beautiful, sparkly flower.  I just love this for the Spring.  Lots of new jewelry in my shop and on my website. 

One other design I would love to share is another floral necklace, with an assymetrical design.  I have used a focal bead that is floral, and used Swarovski yellow crystals on one side, and white and green pearls on the other.  The focal bead is off center, but adding the different colors on each side really accentuates the assymetrical design.  I think this screams SPRING!!

For more details on all of the trends highlighted in the blog I have referenced you can go here:

I would love to hear your feedback on these designs.  And your thoughts about the fashion trends.  Which ones are you following?

Thanks.  And for more designs you can go to my website:


  1. Thanks so much mamacooker ::))

  2. Thanks for sourcing us, Janet! I just found your post. Great blog with beautiful jewelry!

  3. THANKS Halsteadbead :)) Your blog is amazing! I am trying to work on my blog. Still have a ways to go.