Friday, November 5, 2010

Tagging Help!

What is tagging? 

Understanding tagging and the importance of tagging can help you become more visible.
Tagging on Etsy and many websites is a way to attach keywords to your listing.  The tags are mainly used for the internal search engine of each site.  Meaning your tags are for people using Etsy's search engine, not google or other search engines.  Although it is said the top few tags can pop up on external search engines such as google.  TAGS are important in your listings but also in your treasuries.  Remember tags are how you will be found within Etsy.

So what does this mean for you and your shop?

The holidays are upon us!  Shopping is happening now, so it is important to get your shop as visible as possible now!

You need to figure out what do your potential customers search for? What words do they use to find the product you are selling? 
I have this article on the etsy storque bookmarked and use it for almost every listing I make.  It is extremely helpful in getting your mind working on descriptions you may not normally think of.

I would highly recommend that you use as many colors and shades of those colors as tags.  Use foods that are commonly associated with a color, like red could also be Strawberry and sounds so much more appealing doesn't it?  One advantage to including colors is that you will usually be put into more treasuries on Etsy.  Most people think of a treasury theme, based upon colors, so your tags help people find your items to put into treasuries.  Treasuries mean more exposure and the possibility of a front page feature even!!

A few tips
1.  Use all 14 tag slots.  Each tag is another avenue for your customers to find you!!
2.  Don't repeat words.  For instance if you say swarovski crystal in one tag, you don't need to put crystal into another tag.  It is a waste of one of those precious slots because you will already be included in a crystal search since the word crystal was used with "swarovski crystal".
3.  Include your shop name in a few tags, this way if someone tries to search for you at least a few items will pop up in the search
4.  Vary your tags from listing to listing.  Even if you have 20 cards of similar technique and materials try to use a variety of tags in each listing.  Again it is about visibility.
5.  If the keyword is in your title, or the 1st line of your description it doesn't need to be a tag too.  Etsy uses your title and the beginning part of your description to help with search engine results, plus google views your 1st line of your description.  So don't duplicate, it is a waste of space!

***** FINAL NOTE ***  To me this is a nugget of information I do not give out much.  But to help find other shades and colors and terms to use I go to Wiki Colors:
Huge list of every color you could imagine.

Also, check out this site for a tagging tool!

I hope this helps you some.



  1. Very well-written and informative!

  2. Very helpful tips, Janet!
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  3. Very well written. Thank you for sharing your blog with me!!! :)

  4. Great information...thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks, this is valuable info. I didn't know that etsy uses our title too in search results...only thought our tags "mattered".

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