Sunday, January 16, 2011

Solo Frenzy on Etsy

Yesterday I had my 1st solo frenzy on Etsy.  If you aren't familiar with what a solo frenzy is you should definitely check out this thread in the Etsy promotions Forum:

I also did a very detailed blog post with all the details of each activity the thread has;

So, all the shops in the thread spent 30 minutes on Saturday promoting my shop as much as they could throughout the internet.  EVERYONE in the thread was incredibly supportive but several really went above and beyond.

First, I tried to highlight as many of the thread mates in this beautiful treasury.

AMAZING shops in that treasury!!  And now I want to try to highlight a few of the shops that

One shop actually started promoted me a few days before the solo frenzy, in order to help get items onto Stumbleupon so others could rate those listings!  Incredibly generous and nice.
Her shop is really amazing.  She is a paper artist...

Look at these beautiful keepsake boxes with roses on top!

And one other item that I think are really nice are her paper beads!  They are lightweight, unique and very affordable!

She likes to work with, high-quality glass beads, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, freshwater pearls, and wood.  She partnered up with another shop (the 3rd one I am going to feature here) and help promote and organize the promotions the entired day!

Look at these amazing earrings!

She has a matching necklace to go with it too;

Last but certainly not least...
She specializes in an eclectic variety of high quality gemstones. 

Check out this amazing bracelet!

jQ is a really organized, detail oriented person.  She created list after list yesterday to organize what had been promoted and what still needed promoted!  I mean not a single inch of my shop was left out!

Well the results are absolutely phenomenal!  I had over 1500 new views on the very 1st page of my shop.  Over 30 item hearts on those items on the first page and since yesterday 10 new shop hearts!!!
The 2nd page had over 700 views!
3rd page over 300 views!
The rest of the pages had 300 views except the last 2 had about 100.

There were around 5-10 hearts on each page!!!
The question asked the most is how many sales... well I had one from a friend in the thread that was very kind to buy a pair of earrings but no others directly related YET.
But I can't emphasize enough, that there is NEVER an instant thing you can do to bring in a boatload of sales.
The amount of promoting done through so many sites on the internet such as blogs or provides very valuable backlinks to my shop that will help in the long term with visibility and search engine rankings.  So over time this will help a lot.  I am positive sales are coming LOL

I can't thank you all enough.  I am sorry there is no way to feature over 20 shops in this blog at one time.  But the treasury really represents many that aren't featured here.  And to the left of this post is a list of all of our participating shops!



  1. I'm so glad it was successful and your shop was promoted so much. I hope it brings much business your way. Wish I could have been around to do more.

  2. I am happy your shop got lot of exposure! Lot of sales coming on your way:)
    Thank you for the lovely treasury!

  3. Thanks Charlene and Biji!! Charlene you were the one person to buy!!!!! You did plenty ;) And are always a support to me :)

  4. That is very exiting! A lot hard work and hardworking people.

  5. You are a very good documentarian (is that the right word?) and a natural teacher. It's fun to work with you.

  6. awww Thanks Glitter :))) Very kind!

  7. Hmmm, this is very interesting. Glad you had success with it. I think I will go check out the etsy forum thread you posted.

  8. You're so sweet to post this ... it was my pleasure to help with your Solo Frenzy.

  9. I'm glad it went well, for as much as you help everyone in the thread all the time. It was nice to help you out. :)


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