Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Social Share Button

Everywhere you turn there is a social networking site that people are using.  Each site has their own "button" for you to put in your toolbar of your internet screen so that you can share content with that site.

For instance, Stumbleupon has a green share button with SU on it for your toolbar.
But if you are trying to grow a business using social networks it can be hard to keep up with all those buttons!  Your toolbar could look quite the mess, and very hard to manage right?

So I discovered a universal SHARE button.  It isn't perfect, for instance it doesn't have some of the newer sites like Pinterest just yet.  However, it has tumblr, stumbleupon, kaboodle, linkedin, facebook, twitter,  google buzz, digg, and many other options!

Once you have this green universal share button you can use it to pick which site to promote too.
Here are the directions for firefox installation.

Here are the steps.

1.  Click the orange Firefox button at the top of your internet screen, you will see a series of menus CLICK Add- ons

2.  You should now see a page with a search bar near the top right.  Type in "Share" into that search.

3.  Now you will see a bunch of results, at the very bottom of the result page is Show More Results, Click on that.

4.  The 2nd result on the page should be a green Shareaholic add on.  The 1st result is also a share button but it isn't as popular and I prefer the one in the 2nd result.  If you put your mouse over that 2nd add-on you will see "Add to Firefox"  Click on that to install.

5.  Now that it is installed on firefox, you will need to restart Firefox by closing it completely out and reopening it.  If you don't see the green share button right to the left of where you type in a URL on the page then you have to adjust your internet menu.

Click the Orange Firefox menu button top left, move your mouse over the menu "options" and you should see "Add-On"  Click on it to make sure a check mark is next to it.

6.  Set up which social networks you want to have available through this button.
To the left of where you type in the URL of a webpage is the Green Shareaholic button, there is a little green drop down arrow... click on there to see a list of choices, and click on MORE OPTIONS.

7.  Now you will see a screen with sites on the left and right.  You click a site you want that is on the left and then click ADD to move it to the right.  All sites on the right hand side are ones that will show under your button on the toolbar.  You can remove them or add them through this menu.


Now get sharing on all these sites :)

Have fun.


  1. Thanks Janet! I currently use IE so I may have to look into doing this sometime. I love my stumble button, but would love to have a kaboodle button too, at least.

  2. I will have to figure out IE I guess *SIGH*

    You can have twitter, kaboodle, stumble, ALL of it :))

  3. Great article and what a great find for better productivity! I had a hard time trying to find that orange button on my Firefox software though and ended up using this link, which downloaded it automatically for me.

  4. Wow... this looks great. Thanks Janet.

    Can not wait to try it out..I could not find the orange button either... thanks Lori.

  5. Definitely going to try this this! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. OH DARN IT! Do you know how long I spent getting those screen shots and red arrows to help and now I see you can just download from their website!! LOL




  8. this is awesome janet!! and those arrows look great!

  9. Very cool info, this is, young lady! Appreciate it and will be updating soon.

  10. Thanks for the information! I'm all set up with shareaholic now!!!

  11. Thank you Janet, This is very useful information :)

  12. Wow - What a great option to use!

  13. Thanks heaps, can't wait to try it and hope I don't mess it up! This is rooee, I cannot leave a comment under my blog account!

  14. Great tutorial. I'm using chrome and started with an addthis button.

  15. you always have great tips on how to improve things!

  16. Wow, that is awesome! It's exactly what I need, except I don't use Firefox. Maybe when I have time I'll search for a similar option for Safari, or figure out how to switch all my bookmarks and stuff over.

  17. Thank you Janet! I just loaded mine now and happy to promote our shops in one click:)