Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spring/Summer Swarovski Pieces of 2010

Ok this is part of my series on upcoming fashion trends to look for in Trinkets N Whatnots Jewelry!
As many of you know my favorite materials to work with are Pearls, Swarovski crystals, and buttons, especially vintage ones!

So this post is going to concentrate on the exciting new line of Swarovski Components you will be able to find in our upcoming jewelry line!

Again I rely heavily upon Pantone's fashion trend reports because they interview the latest fashion guru's during fashion week.  To find more information please check out this website:

Air Blue Opal crystals are just stunning and I can not wait to use those in my latest pieces!  Imagine a blue sky the most beautiful blue sky you have seen.... this is what the new Air Blue Opal crystal resembles!

The next crystal I am really inspired with is the Crystal Red Magma!  STUNNING!  Just like hot, lava, it is a color that will really turn heads when you see it!

Swarovski has had a Chessboard piece in their arsenal before but now they have Sew on buttons with this wonderful shape.  It is just like a chessboard, and faceted for lots of sparkle.  I plan on using these in my wire wrapped button rings!  So keep an eye out for those in the upcoming season!!

Mini Fancy Stones!  These are going to be my latest obsession.  I hope to incorporate these into my new watch line!  They are mini, fancy, shapes such as hearts, pears and blossoms.  Can you invision these gorgeous, tiny, sparkly, pears in a watch band? 

Lastly, you will be able to find some of the fancy stones already in settings ready for use!  I can not wait to use some of these fancy stones in new beaded ring designs!!!

Keep checking back regularly on Trinkets N Whatnots and my Etsy shop to see the latest accessory line!


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