Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Projects

First I want to thank all of the new followers for sticking with me :) 

I am finished with all of the craft shows for this year!  So now I am just working on special gifts for loved ones, and creating something new and spectacular for 2010. 

I plan on creating a new line of necklaces that will be made with beads but will HOPEFULLY look like a beautiful fluffy, ruffle around the neck. 
Look at this stunning Swarovski Bracelet:

Luckily my mom is not into the internet much, and has no idea about my blog because this will be a gift to her this xmas!! 

I just love the graduation of colors, and the layers put into it... it naturally forms a cuff. 

I make earrings but haven't listed any in my Etsy shop, so look forward to that!  I am making a bunch of those too for the holidays.

I would love to hear your comments on what your plans are for the holidays.  I have purchased a special order from Etsy for my dad, and one for my sister.  I try to shop handmade as much as possible.

Feel free to leave comments with ideas you have for your loved ones, or share ONE piece from your shop that you think would make an extra special gift!

Thanks again everyone.


  1. Congrats on being finished with your craft shows. Long days- and you never know if they will be worth it!
    my plans for the holidays-
    I am hosting my first ever cookie exchange! woohoo
    Its my first etsy christmas and I am really trying to make and sell as many paintings as possible.

  2. Beautiful bracelet - I'm sure your mum will love it and wear it with pride! I'll be giving some of my handmades to family members too for Christmas (fabric corsage rings and fragranced sachets).

  3. WOW Hotjavva, that sounds VERY yummy!!

    Valerie: fabric corsage rings sounds really interesting. Feel free to put a link in for them. I would love to see them :)