Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Color Trends - What to Look for this Spring!

Well it is time to look ahead... and to see what you can expect in the upcoming season of 2010!!

I have done a lot of research through some of the popular fashion magazines and other resources and here are some predictions...  There will be an exciting new line from Trinkets N Whatnots!

The upcoming season you should expect to see bold colors to compliment your basic wardrobe pieces.  According to Pantone's Fashion Color Chart these will be very popular:

The top 10 Spring 2010 colors for women's fashion are:

1.  Turquoise        
2.  Tomato Purée
3.  Fusion Coral
4.  Violet
5.  Tuscany
6.  Aurora
7.  Amparo Blue
8.  Pink Champagne
9.  Dried Herb
10.  Eucalyptus

More to come in the next issue of my blog!  I can't wait to share some of my latest collection that will show these colors off!!!

Next week I will continue with more trends and upcoming pieces to watch for!


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