Sunday, December 6, 2009

Have a Craft Show Online Anytime!! The Handmade Craft Show

The Handmade Craft Show is a website that hosts incredible crafts in the format of a craft show.  Each crafter has a display booth to showcase their beautiful creations. 

Rhonda Jai is the founder and designer of and  She has had such a passion and interest in the handcrafted world that she has dedicated her site to help starving artists get a start.

This site is excellent for you to shop handmade items.  You can shop at a craft show (booths lined up with displays of handmade arts and crafts) but from the comfort of your own home! 

As an artist this is a very affordable way to hold craft shows for your creations!  Imagine a craft show all year round... this site can create an abundance of exposure for your handmade items.  The Handmade Craft Show has achieved top search engine rankings which means 1000's of visitors each month!

This site not only gives you your own booth to display your handmade crafts but there are a lot of opportunities for cross promotions.  Rhonda, helps get your items into all the major search engines.  Plus there are opportunities to blog and tweet about all of this too!

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For more information click on over to the Handmade Craft Show website. Or you can check out the Handmade Craft Show Blog, too.
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