Monday, October 25, 2010

2 New Lines of Button Earrings!

My etsy shop is known for the unique Button Jewelry I make.   Up until now I have mostly carried button rings, and recently expanded to button necklaces.

Now I have matching Button Post Earrings to go with these necklaces!

I also have a gorgeous line of Swarovski Crystal Elements button Rings.

NOW a new line of Swarovski crystal elements Earrings to match!

I am very excited to be adding these new earrings and necklaces!  So please keep a close eye on my shop as I slowly add more.  I also have stunning Swarovski elements Pendant necklaces coming soon!

Thanks so much.


  1. Those swarovski earrings are to die for!!!

  2. Exciting additions to your Etsy Shop, Janet!

  3. That button necklace is really unique! I love the pearl look to it as well :3

  4. Thanks Bags and Jill :)) Are you doing etsy bootcamp? It was my inspiration to start adding new things!!!

  5. These are very pretty!

    Readers; the button necklace is currently in our BNR treasury today!

    It would be a good piece to buy her out with :-)

  6. love the Swarovski crystal elements Earrings

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