Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Challenge Details

For Blog Challenge day if you don't have a blog it is the day to start one.  It is a day to update the list of shops from our team into your blog... and it is the day to BLOG!  Write about something.  Under our team, click on discussions and find the WEDNESDAY Blog thread.  The very 1st post of this thread will tell you all the details you need to know about that week's challenge.  It can change from time to time so please read that first post!!

If you don't have a list of our shops on your blog you should consider adding one.  Here is a link to a blog post on how to add a list:

How to add the Shop List to Your Blog:

You can write about any topic you like... but here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Pick a shop from our thread to feature.  Write what their shop sells, why you like them, and list 2-3 items that are your favorites.  Post pictures to those items, and put a link below the pics.

2.  Write about your experience so far in the thread.  What you like, what you have learned, what there is to gain from it and why others shoudl join.

3.  Friday Finds:  Use the Etsy pounce feature, or a few of your favorite items in your etsy and write about those that you love.  Write about the newest shop from pounce, and you enjoyed their shop.  Always try to include 2-3 pics and links to those items.

4.  Upcoming line/new Product - Write about the lastest creation you are working on and when they can expect to see it.  Include some pics and links to your shop.
5.  Highlight the next Frenzy for Tuesday, October 19th 9pm Est/Etsy in our thread.

6.  Upcoming craft shows or other Events.  BNR's coming up etc.

You can always write about anything going on personal, to give everyone a little insight into you and who you really are. 

Good luck!  Post the links to all of your new blog posts in our thread, and PLEASE comment on each others posts. 

See you guys tomorrow night.


  1. Great tips, Galla. Thank you so much for taking your time to provide this kind of guidance :).

  2. Great article and food for thought!

  3. All good ideas, Galla. I shared on twitter ...
    ~Jill Q

  4. just wrote a new one with halloween items from fellow etsians :).. i think picking themes is also a great idea..

  5. I blogged! Hoping to get more entries in my giveaway!

  6. Thanks everyone! And definitely feel free to leave comments with more ideas. All ideas welcome :)

  7. I blogged and updated my list :)
    Happy Monday!

  8. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

    We will post interviews with other Etsy sellers on our blog. It's a thing that makes you some friends, helps sellers gain visibility, and drives visitors to the site...

  9. Is this where I post if I favor a Team mates item becuase I found a beautiful piece made by Libbi Shorts.
    This is TheMysticalOasisGlow (Heidi)
    I'm new.

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