Sunday, October 17, 2010

TREASURY Challenge

 If you have never done a treasury before I will help guide you through it.  The hardest part is finding the perfect things to include. :)  Please find our Treasury thread under team discussions and read the 1st post for all the rules.

You do not have to fill all the spots with shops from our team, but we require 12 of the 16 slots to be used from our team shops if you want maximum support and exposure.   If you are unable or not quite ready to make a treasury you can still support by clicking on items in the treasuries, commenting on them, and help promote the links to your friends and on social networks.

How To Make A Treasury:
Etsy Storque article on how to make one:

1.  On the etsy home page, page down until you see on the left, "ways to shop", under that is Treasury.  Click on Treasury.

2.  On the right of that screen you will see a blue button, "create a list" click on that.

3.  Title:  The next screen has a lot of blank options.  1st thing is to think of a title.  Something catchy, unique, or meaningful would be good. 

4.  Description:   Here you can write what inspired you to create the treasury.  If you are highlighting our thread members you could put a link to our thread in this description.

5.  Tags:  To the right of description is a blue button that says add tag.  This is just like the tags you use when you list an item in your shop.  Use keywords to help people find your treasury.  Add the tag and click add tag, repeat that until all the tag spots are full.  Please put Promotional Frenzy into the tags to help us find all our treasuries.   

If you didn't know this, Etsy puts out once a month, "Etsy Merchandising" articles. 
These articles discuss upcoming trends and holiday/events to be mindful of.  Things like styles and colors to watch for are listed.  Etsy tries to promote these particular lists.  So if you can try to create treasuries based around those lists we have a higher chance of the treasury gaining visibility.  These are the things Etsy wants to feature on the front page.  So for example Octobers merchandising article talks about Halloween and fall items.  So try to use those type of items in your treasury and then tag with those keywords.

6.  Find the items:  Now the fun part!  Go through different shops and find items to use.  Once you find an item you want to include you just copy the URL (www web address) and paste it into each box you see.  There are 16 slots to fill.  Once you fill all the spots Click the blue Save button at the bottom right.
For best results build your treasury around a theme.  You can pick a color or a any theme you can think of like butterflies... then find photo's that all coordinate and look like a collection together.  It is helpful to use photo's that have similar backgrounds for a more cohesive look.

It is always good to convo each person you include in your treasury that you have included them and provide them a link to the treasury.  This way they can click, comment and help promote.  They want the exposure and will usually help promote your treasury for you.  If you have included non-team shops in the treasury, in your convo you could tell them the treasury if for a team you are on, and maybe help promote the team that way!

Helpful tips:
* Create a Mood
* Find Items that are well-made
* Choose some type of theme; colors, topic, and/or texture or material
* Try to fill it with a variety of mediums (to appeal to a wider audience), soaps, jewelry, food, knit etc.
* Make sure pictures are clear and the item is easy to see
* The consistancy of style of backgrounds in photos can make a difference too
* Also take into account the season and what seems to be in style currently (but not always necessary, sometimes your treasury can seek to SET trends)

Again you can use the etsy merchandising Storque articles for ideas of what theme, topic etc. to do.

Please have fun with this.  Enjoy the opportunity to look through shops, discover new items, and promote.

Once you have saved your treasury post it in our TREASURY THREAD under the team discussions.

*** ONE FINAL NOTE ***  Treasuries are used as a means to promote others.  Etsy generally frowns upon treasuries that include yourself.  You are allowed to put one item of your own in a treasury but they will not put that item on the front page.  And many feel strongly that you shouldn't include it since the idea of a treasury is to feature others. 

Etsy will not put items on the front page that have watermarks.  If you put your shop name on your pics, or the date then it is unlikely you will get as much exposure.



  1. Thanks, very helpful article, Janet!

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  4. Thanks, I love looking at treasuries and have never made one - sounds easy - great going - I'm in Maryland too....Frederick!

  5. Very helpful, learned some things that I didn't know.

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