Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday - Promotional Frenzy

Promotional Frenzies:

Find the Thread Labeled Monday Frenzy and read the 1st post of that thread to learn all the details. 

Each shop will post 1 link to an item they want to get more exposure to. Please call out that you are adding an item to the list before editing the list.  This way we can make sure that 2 people aren't editing at the same time and someone gets dropped from the list.

Things to Do To Prepare:
1.  Pick out one item you want to have promoted and copy that link.
2.  Go to http://www.craftcult.com/ At the very top of the screen there is "home" then "heartomatic" click on that tab.  Below that is an option to sign in with your username, sign in.  Then to the right of where you just signed in is a button "reset views" click on that.  This way you will be able to see a clear jump in your views from this promotion.
3.  Get ready to chat, have fun, and click some share buttons :)

Ways to Promote:
By promoting it can be blogging, tweeting, facebook, stumbleupon, kaboodle, tumblr, ANY social nework or in etsy threads etc.

1.  Some choose to collect all the links and do one blog post highlighting all the items.

2.  You can tweet or add the item to your facebook page but we do have quite a few links put out during this time I would recommend you use multiple venues to promote so that you don't overwhelm or frustrate your friends and followers.

3.  Another site to consider:
Go to http://www.stumbleupon.com/  Sign up is real quick (free and easy)
Here is a blog post with all the details about how to use this site:  http://galla15.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-is-stumbling-and-how-you-can-use.html

If you can download the toolbar then you will have a share button at the top of your internet screen. Anytime you are on a product page, click that share button and then put it into your favorites. Then over the next month as we keep doing this for each other, check your Google analytics and I bet you will see traffic from it!!

Here is the toolbar:

4.  http://www.kaboodle.com/ (again quick and free)  Here is a blog post all about Kaboodle if you aren't familiar:

Here is the link to the Toolbar:

5.  http://www.tumblr.com/ The easiest way to use this is to go to the link you want to promote on etsy, then scroll down on the right side of the Etsy page you will see a "share" button.  Click on that, and it will expand to a lot of options.  Click Tumblr to share to it.  It will walk you through the set up from there.

More options will be coming as we go.  But this is a great start.  You do not have to have all of these or do all of them they are just options.

See you on Tuesdays:



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