Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's get Kaboodling!

What is Kaboodle?
This is what kaboodle says about itself, "Kaboodle is the most fun social shopping network on the web! It's a place where you can express your own style and meet other stylish people by discovering, recommending, and sharing products.

Most exciting, Kaboodle allows you to add and save products from almost anywhere on the web to your shopping lists and wish lists with the easy-to-use Kaboodle button. The button automatically downloads the essential details of a product, including its image, short description, and price and saves it to your list of choice. To learn more about the Kaboodle button and all the other awesome features Kaboodle has to offer, Take the Tour of Kaboodle or jump right in by downloading the Kaboodle button now!"

I find kaboodle to be much more interactive then stumbleupon.  So I hope you give it a try.

How to Use?
You can use kaboodle like you do stumbleupon.  They have an easy to download toolbar.
Here is the link to the Toolbar:

If you don't want to download the toolbar you can share etsy items by going to the page you want to share... scroll down until you see the orange "share" button on the right.  Once you click on that other options open, one of which is kaboodle.  Use that.

In kaboodle you can create lists.  Jewelry, fine art prints, holiday wish list etc.  You name it you can make it and then when you share an item you can organize the items into your lists.
You are also given the opportunity to fill in a description and tags of the items you are sharing.  It takes 30 seconds to do and can really help others find these items.  So if you can fill those in when you are sharing.

Kaboodle also had ezines/blogs that you can do and share with friends.  It is very interactive and fun.

*** Here are their facts and questions to answer ALL of your questions as to how to make a list, to how to share these items, how to bookmark etc.

*** FINAL NOTE ***  I can not be held responsible for the content of this site, and we are not affiliated with kaboodle.  As with most social bookmarking sites it is frowned upon to use them for self promotion or to spam with repeated submissions from the same place.  Use these to share your favorite etsy shops and items but also use the site for all things you love.

Have fun with it!!


  1. Will sign up for Kaboodle today, Janet! Thanks for all your help with these bookmarking sites :-)

  2. Haven't had a whole lot of luck Kaboodling yet. I will keep at it though!

  3. Wow! Too much for me. I already joined twitter. Maybe one day I'll get the whole kit'n kaboodle. Lol

  4. Thanks for all the informative posts Janet! I haven't used kaboodle that much, but it seems really cool.

  5. LOL Crystal!! This is only for reference to help those that want to sign up... you don't have to do all of these, all at once :) So don't get overwhelmed. This will be here for whenever you are ready :)))

  6. Janet, I need to get comfy with Stumble first. It's weird for me, the toolbar is there and poof, it's gone.

  7. Linda, no worries. I am just trying to get all the information out, to blog regularly and these are good topics. They are just for information and easy to reference when you are ready :))
    This is not required, and no one is being asked to do all of these. You can refer back to this post when you are ready :)))

  8. Very useful. Thank you :-). I just signed up with kaboodle yesterday and couldn't figure out where the FAQ was.

  9. Awesome!!

    Is Kaboodle like SU in that you can't use it for self promotion? Or can I add my own stuff?

    - Ashley

  10. I'm going to give this a go. Thanks for the info Galla.
    Ashley, I don't think its for self promotion.

  11. I am starting to use Kaboodle more. I get more views from Kaboodle than StumbleUpon in my Google Analytics!

  12. I start to use Kaboodle TODAY!!!

    Thank for the info, it is so easy!

  13. I'm on Kaboodle and it's a hoot. My email is filled with people with all sorts of things and polls and boards and new items and on and on. It's very active...almost more than I can handle. I'll bet I get 10-15 a day. Some I visit and some I just delete. Depends upon how much time I have.